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What Are the Different Kinds of Strokes?

Last updated 3 years ago

The brain needs a constant supply of blood and oxygen to maintain function. When the blood supply to an area of the brain is disrupted, it is referred to as a stroke. When the brain does not receive enough blood and oxygen, the cells rapidly begin to die, which can cause lifelong disability. Receiving emergency care for a stroke as soon as possible can increase the chances of survival. Prompt care at an emergency room can also minimize brain damage and lessen the permanent effects of a stroke.

Hemorrhagic Stroke

Hemorrhagic stroke is the least common type of stroke. It occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is weakened. When the blood vessel ruptures, it bleeds onto and compresses the surrounding brain tissue. Hemorrhagic stroke can occur because of an aneurysm, which happens when a weakened blood vessel balloons. It may also occur because of an arteriovenous malformation, or abnormal blood vessel.

Ischemic Stroke

Most strokes are ischemic strokes, which occur when a blood vessel supplying the brain with blood becomes obstructed. This can occur when a blood clot develops within that particular blood vessel, which is a condition known as cerebral thrombosis. It is also possible for a blood clot to develop elsewhere in the body and travel to the brain, which is known as cerebral embolism.

Transient Ischemic Stroke (TIA)

Like an ischemic stroke, TIA is caused by a blood clot obstructing blood flow to the brain. However, this type of stroke resolves itself, usually within five minutes. It does not typically cause permanent brain damage. However, there is no way for the patient to tell the difference between TIA and another type of stroke. This is why it’s imperative to seek emergency care as soon as potential stroke symptoms are observed.

At Fawcett Memorial Hospital, our stroke unit has been designated a Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission. This certification reflects our commitment to providing exceptional emergency care services to facilitate the best possible outcomes for our stroke patients. To learn more about our emergency care services in Port Charlotte, please call (888) 685-1599.


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